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I've come to the conclusion that Joe Jenett is some kind of internet god. When I first came upon his Ageless Project my initial thougt was "I wish I would have thought of that". I love the idea of there being so many different types of weblogs all together thus giving us the opportunity to wander outside of our normal circle of daily reads. So I've put together "The WhyILog" in hopes that I can compile my own portal of many types of weblogs which I will selfishly use daily. There couldn't be a better time to try to reunite and mend a broken and untrusting community. This is a community to which I just recently became a member of, but one that welcomed me. I am amazed daily by the things I read, hear and see by reading other people's weblogs. If you've stumbled on to this and want to join, please send me a simple email with your name, an explanation (in a couple of paragraphs) of when and why you started your weblog, and the URL to your site and I'll get you added on. I guess I'll start this off with my explanation of "Why I Log"...


I started my weblog on March 5, 2001. What a better way to describe my reasoning than by just quoting from my first entry: "Welcome to my weblog!! I'll admit it now...I'm a beginner, a newcomer to this whole weblog thing, a novice...dare I say "newbie"?! I started this new venture with the thought that I needed a hobby... something to do in my "spare" time...a diversion from every day life where I could use my cob-web covered brain. I'm hoping this is a place where you can come to escape and enjoy. Please excuse any errors you may find-this is a work in progress. Becoming a mother is the accomplishment I am most proud of. This is the one topic I know enough about to write about. So this is what my weblog is about. Motherhood...the good, the bad, the uncertain...It is called Total Chaos for obvious reasons- if you have young children (or children in general), you understand." And the rest, as they say, is history.. Sharon


I started my blog as a kind of therapy. I was in a period of my life where everything seemed to be topsy turvey - and I had all this stuff inside of me. Blogging really let me get that out - and find something within myself that had been buried - my love of writing. I've always written, ever since I was a little girl I remember making up stories and writing them down. I loved writing assignments in school - even research papers and book reports. I journaled when I was in high school, but discovered that I wasn't strong enough emotionally for other folks to read them (my mother) especially when she would criticize what I was writing about. As I've aged, though, and learned my life's lessons - I've discovered that it doesn't matter anymore if folks don't approve of what I do - it's my life and I have to live it how I need to live it. I'm right in my mind and my soul most of the time, so what other folks think isn't as important as it once was. Don't get me wrong, I'm like any other person that needs support at times - good vibes, hugs, praise. But at least I've accepted who I am - and even more so, I've re-discovered who I am through blogging....Deb


My name is Tina, and my dear friend Deb Smouse started me blogging November 12, 2000. When she asked me why I blogged back in January, this is what I replied: Why do I blog? Well, for me its a way to "talk" about all the things that happen to me throughout the day with other adults. Someday you'll all understand why I need to do this. And that day will be soon. And I started blogging because I so enjoyed reading Deb's blog, and I knew it would be a great way for me to release stress. Tina


Why I Log: I've been writing for the better part of twenty years. I've been involved in writing groups. And have read every book on writing that's ever been written (okay, not EVERY book), but I read a lot of them. But very, very few people ever read what I wrote. Writing has always been discipline for me. A means to find out what I really thought. A means to exercise my thoughts so that I could move onto the next thought. And it was also a way that I could play with words the way some play with paints or clay. became an extension of that discipline. I had quit my writing group (so I didn't have to prepare anything to read every Thursday). I grew lazy. At the advent of JimFormation, I committed to writing something, anything, at least five times per week for a year. A year is up in June. I wonder what I'm going to do next. Jim


Why, I don't blog. I don't see myself as a "Blogger". My "blog" is more like a journal that I publish online for God and everybody to see. I am a literary exhibitionist. Literally.
I've been doing this since March 14, 2000 @ 9:51:07 PM, and was pushed into it by my dear friend #OurHashtag (swallowingtacks). She never gave me a choice - she said I had to do it and that it was perfect for me. "Uh-huh", I said. My very first post was acidic and stated that I had been forced to do it. Within a week, though, I got the blogging bug...
In the year or so since, my "blog/journal" has evolved and become my release valve as well as a way to explore what is going on in my head. It gives me opportunity to put into words what it is I'm feeling and thinking. It helps me to see who I am, by looking at what I've written.
Truthfully, I'm probably the most frequent visitor to my own site. I like what I write. I like to see who I am. I like to look for the imperfections and study them, which gives me the chance to understand why I am who I am. But there is more to it, than that.
I've found out that with this journal I keep, I can reach out to other people that I may have never been able to reach before and help them to bring about changes in their own life. I know I have, because these people have reached out to me to tell me that I've helped them.
I recently said to a friend, "I know I could die tomorrow and be ok with that. I know I've helped at least one person in my life and that is all I've ever wanted to do." Patti


Why I Log. Funny you should mention Joe Jenett. The title for my weblog, Lucid Confusion was derived from an entry I made on his Colorspeak Project. I had kept a daily technology diary throughout the year 1998. It summarized my thoughts about computer and Internet news. In 1999 I ventured into heavy development mode for the Internet Brothers web site and changed to more of a "what's new on the site" format.
Following an interview I did with Heather Champ in December 1999 where she talked of the blogging phenomenon, I jumped in with both feet and introduced Lucid Confusion on January 1, 2000 (Y2K Day). I haven't looked back since.
So why do I log? Some very kind people saved my life awhile back. They didn't have to do it. They did it because they saw something worth saving. They told me they would love me until I could love myself. When asked why, they said simply, "You have to give it back to keep it."
That isn't so mystical really, but I was wrapped up in self. I couldn't see the forest for the trees. Those wonderful people opened my eyes and continue to do so each day. The Internet is full of individuals like those who saved me. It is the greatest invention the world has known for getting out of ourselves and shaking hands with the rest of the planet.
I'm not an artist - I'm not a writer. I even tire of programming. The greatest satisfaction I receive is sharing what I do know with someone eager to explore. It's my way to thank those who came before, who helped me. I give it back to keep it.Jeff


I started my weblog on November 20, 2000. I started blogging so that I could have a a place to vent my frustrations basically. I tried keeping a handwritten journal many times and failed to keep up with it. I was actually looking for some way to keep a journal on my computer when "blogging" caught my eye. I enjoy reading about the daily events in the lives of others. It is comforting to read about others that are going through the same experiences as me. Although I certainly hope others enjoy reading it, I blog for myself. I don't always have someone to talk to about my experiences so I talk to my weblog. It is my own personal place where I can release my rants, my raves and all my meaningless ramblings. I blog about my kids, my husband, my job, my peeves... anything and everything that happens to be on my mind. My weblog has proven to be an emotionally therapeutic device for me. Jill


Why I Log: Actually I "journal" more than log. I do not usually link to sites and comments from around the internet within the content of my journal but instead I write about situations, issues, and perceptions that have somehow influenced me. But why do I present these writings in a public forum? The written word has offered me so much fulfillment: words take me on journeys and lead my mind in excursions and adventures that, without words, would be impossible. Words educate me, soothe me, and make me smile. Words allow me to dream, to hope and to understand the spirit that lives within me. My online journal is for the public. It is my contribution, however small or trivial, to wordsmithing an adventure, a memory, or perhaps a smile for those who visit my site. My journal is one path to my own sweet aspirations. Jann


I started my blog in July 2000. It started out as a place to talk about simple, meaningless things, but evolved into an important part of my day. I blog to connect with people...and to relate with people. I blog to keep track of silly things that happen, that mean a lot to me but could easily be forgotten. I love going back in my archives and reading about some little thing the kids said or did 6 months ago that I had forgotten. Ami


I started back in July of 2000 with the hopes of using the log as a simple way of site update notification and sharing of links related to photography and cemetery art. It's pretty much remained in that form for the most part, though from time to time I do use it as a way to try to straighten out the twisted mess in my head that laughingly passes itself off as thought. I'm pretty much a quiet type of person, so even having a web site of any sort is a bit of a paradox, with a web journal just adding to my inconsistency. Getting things sorted out enough to put them down as text, finding just the right words or turn of a phrase, somehow makes things clearer, somehow moves the doubts into daylight, where, if they don't shrivel and die, they can at least be seen and reasoned with. John


i used to write a lot when i was younger - poetry as well as prose. i seem to have lost a lot of that ability to lose myself in the written word after some hard times i once had. part of why i wanted to start a weblog, was because i was seeing some really talented writers online do this, and it fascinated me. a way to possibly even get feedback to your written words and feelings. a way also to discipline myself into keeping a journal, which i know i need to do, while doing what i love, which is designing for the web. i'm still censoring a lot of what i write - that will change at some point - but my online identity is fractured...i may not give my full name to all - but once you know me, you really do get to know me. honesty within self-protection. catharsis within the written word. a community that hopefully does not judge its own. hirself


I log because stripping naked in public would get me arrested. In cyberspace it gets me an audience. :) Tangle Toy


Ihave always loved to write. I have many blank books partially filled with scribbles and quotes. As I evolve, I feel reinvented and then need a new book. I saw my boxes of books and realized I should not leave myself behind any more than I should stop growing. By blogging, I can write on my Palm anywhere and put all these musings into one spot. The idea of publishing scared me. After being a mom at home, my brain has gone mushy and my grammar sucks, but am doing it. I am writing on a fairly regular basis and once in a while someone reads what I have to say. I can share intimate thoughts with strangers and immediately have a bond "out there". I love to read other blogs for the same reason. Patti, was an acquaintance whom I feel as close to as my best friend of fifteen years. Jocelyn


why do i log? the main reason i started my blog was to fill in the gaps about life in hong kong between my tales, which are longer pieces that might be published anywhere from a week to a month apart. to be certain, there were little quirks along the way that needed a place to be told. slices of life, if you will. the blog was the perfect solution.
it soon took on a life of its own. i melded it with aspects of traditional blogs. i pointed folks to other interesting people and places on the web. occasionally i'd slide in a joke. and from time to time i wrote something intensely personal. i never really knew what i would write from one day to the next. i only knew that as a writer, it gave me pleasure that people were enjoying the things i had to say.
so why do i log? because i can. bwg


why do i blog? because i'm an exhibitionist? why else would one put their private thoughts out for the world to see? no, really.. i've actually got much more private thoughts in my head than the ones i write in my blog..
actually.. i've always wanted to "blog".. but back then i called it online jounaling.. since i put up my first website in 1994 i've wanted to keep an online jounal. i kept a journal in word, on my brother's 286 (which quickly became mine), and once i discovered the internet, and then the www, well, it just seemed to be a natural extension of the writing i was doing in word. but, i never got around too it. instead i kept written journals, that i have thought about turining into a zine on many occasions.
i didn't start my weblog till election day of 2000. i'd heard about it, but didn't know exactly what it was. on election day i had some nervous energy to take care of, so i looked into this blogging thing. i've been at it ever since.
in the end, i blog because i believe we all have stories to tell. i have a story, and every person on the earth has a story. i learn a lot from reading other people's stories, and my hope is that someone will learn something, or find something they can relate to in my log that will make their lives easier, or affect them in some way. i know that i am affected everyday by at least one of the blogs that i read. Brooke


I started doing this in the beginning ofmarch, 2000, not because I particularly wanted to have yet another website, but because I was really curious about how blogger worked. I'd been reading various weblogs daily for several months, and I still had fairly mixed feelings about the trend in general. I thought I didn't want a weblog, but in spite of myself I had to see what all the fuss was about. so one day when I was sitting in the science library before class, I set up a blogger account. and it was *so* cool! I'm a seasoned webber but I've never been able to do this sort of remote push-button publishing before. I didn't think I had anything to say, but I could resist the whiz-bang niftyness of the whole thing.
and then... I started posting every day. at first it was just links that I thought were interesting; normally I would send myself things like that in email for later reference (as a busy college kid I do a large part of my websurfing on computeres that don't actually belong to me), so the weblog seemed like a natural extension of that. as I started to get more comfortable with the public nature of the log, I started to post longer, more descriptive entries, and fewer links to cool things. over the summer of 2000, in between my freshman and sophomore years, I moved more towards storytelling as the primary focus of my page.
now, I'd say that's why I do it -- to tell stories, and to give myself a real reason to write every day. I have several other websites and several offline journals of various flavors, but it's a lot easier to skip the daily writing session when I know the only person who will notice my lapse is me. and I do honestly love to write, so this sort of writing, which is different from everything else I do in that I know it has an audience but I am never quite sure who the audience will be (everyone from my parents to perfect strangers on a given day), feels worthwhile to me. and the feedback I get gives me the impetus to keep going, because while my favorite part of having a weblog is writing my stories down, my favorite part of being on the internet is communicating with other people. rabi


I am very new to the weblog scene, and just started my own blog on May 21, 2001. It all started when I heard about it through a Graphics making group, where one of the gals was talking about a blog. And I hadn't a clue to what that was, so after seeing her weblog, I just had to try one out. I've never done any type of journaling before, but now I feel hooked. I use my blog as a way of expressing myself, what's going on in my life at the moment, it's a way of venting about things, and it helps me to unbottle my feelings. I am also able to share things here with friends and family instead of just emailing them about whatever. And that is why I log. Andrea


My summer vacation . . . oops, no, that is another paper I'm supposed to write. Heh!
Why do I blog/journal? ;-)) I started this newest venture - the Purple Moose Gazette when Miz Kitty opened
I had a purple moose - I had a somewhat cracked sense of humor - I had a bit of time on my hands (although I have less time to use than I actually do USE -heh!) - and I had a willing hostess. First came the articles back in (I think) October, 2000 and then the journal (Moose Nuggets) on 01-19-01.
My main reason . . . I am a voyeur at heart . . . I read other people's journals voraciously. It is ONLY fair that I begin to share my innermost (if somewhat cracked) thoughts so that others may read them. Okay, whatever.
Seriously - I write about my small town life in the northernmost western corner of the US. I write about my family, especially my adorable perfect angel grandbabies (slight, gramma exaggeration here).
I journal because it is an outlet of my emotions and my thoughts and Miz Kitty offers an easy way to do so. Thanks for asking. ;-)) Next??? Barbara -aka the PurpleMoose


I started journaling/blogging because I don't write much and tend to express myself through art. I didn't want that to be my only outlet for getting my thoughts out there. Mostly though I wanted and hoped to improve my writing skills as I admire people who can write, I mean really tell a great story. I have a long way to go but I know one day my writing will improve. I'm also a voyeur, and I suspect so aren't a whole bunch of other people. People get a peek into my life, what I'm thinking, what I'm up to and what I might be going through any given day.
When I feel happy, I can record those thoughts to look back at anytime I need a pick me up. When I'm feeling ticked off I can get it all off my chest. When I need a shoulder to cry, my journal never turns it's back on me. It never complains when it thinks I'm whining too much about stupid stuff. It never says I'm too busy. My journal puts me in contact with people I would never have normally gotten to know or even heard of. I journal because it's a soul-soother. Kandee


Here's the deal. I began following the weblog scene in 1999. Way back in 1995 before I acquired my first computer, I had envisioned having one for the purpose of keeping a diary or as MEN like to know them, a journal. My brother, the notorious BWG, began publishing his own website in 1998. It evolved into a blog in 1999. I used to e-mail him stories. There were 11 stories he published to his site. After Dad died I needed an outlet, and so Randy co-hosted me. The 11 stories formed the nucleus of what morphed into my blog. I began blogging in Sept 2000. Eventually, and with the assistance of my buddy Jim, I obtained my own domain and the rest is history. Ray


Just this very instant, reading the entries here, I realized that BirchLane will be one year old in a few short days. I'm proud of this. I can be so uncommited sometimes; strarting one project and then another and often never finishing anything. I always considered myself a writer; even when I was a child. Last year I read about lemonyellow, an intellectual's online diary, in The New York Times, and for some reason I was inspired, moved, to start BirchLane. I've kept journals on and off through the years but stopped suddenly a few years ago. So it was with great excitement I embarked on this new journey. My daughter's then boyfriend, who created as a high school senior got me started one night last June. I guess I do this because I enjoy it; it helps me to remember; it helps me to think; it helps me, I 'd like to believe, to be a better person--a better husband, a better dad, a better friend, a better writer. I've learned more about myself this past year than I have in years. And I expect to continue growing and learning because of BirchLane and the people I enjoy "visiting." I've made new friends who I have come to love and respect; friends who are 18 and friends who are 55; how truly moving to talk with these people. I've discovered so much wonderful writing and great art; what could be more fun! And inspiring. Bruce


I had a journal for over a year and a half. I decided to take it down recently and start a blog instead. It's a combination of a blog/journal, I guess. I log my life because there are people online that I care about, that care about me, and that want to hear what's going on in my life. But more because it's an outlet to talk about things that bother me. Hopefully I'll be able to look back on it later and see that I've grown as a person.Becca


It isn't so much a question of why I log - but why did I move it online? I've been keeping a journal ever since kindergarten. As I've grown up the "container" the entries were kept in has changed from a locked version, to a mead notebook, to now a spot on a server. While I do keep the paper journal for the things I am not comfortable sharing with the world, I do post a lot of personal information out on the web.
I do it because, simply, I like to write and I like to code html. Moving online was just a new way to combine these two interests.
So, rambling aside, I do it because I can. Tam


I started logging back in April of 2000. It started off as a then pregnancy journal, but quickly fizzled when my monitor broke and didn't have access to the internet for 2 months. When I was able to get back online in June I started it up again with a different name, Bloggin On The Bayou. It is a great outlet for me since I am not able to get out as much as I would like, all you mother's of young children know what I am talking about, and I don't have a close friend that I can really talk to.So this blogging thing was great for me because I have met so many wonderful people online who have shared or are going through some of the same things that I have gone through:O) Leslie


I started my journal in October 1999. I knew a lot of people who were doing it, and some of them came to me for occasional advice because they knew I had a journalism degree. Finally, one of them asked me, "Why don't you just start one?" I made a few excuses. Then one Saturday I put a blog together to illustrate some point I was trying to make, and the people I put it together for told other people, and by Monday I had readership and I figured out that I liked doing it.
I write for catharsis and to stay sharp. I don't write nearly as well when I don't write every day. And when I want to get something off my chest, sometimes it's easier to tell the Internet than it is to tell another person. I write about whatever I feel like. Religion and spirituality come up once a week or so. I try to write something intensely personal once or twice a week too. And since I write about computers professionally, that subject comes up several times a week. I have a deep desire to be useful, and since I know the subject, recording bunches of hard-to-find information in one place has a lot of appeal to me. Dave


I started my online log/journal on a dare because I can go for days, weeks even without being online to chatter with. "I dare you to keep a blog, so at least we'll know you are alive." and so began A Dizzy Thought Or 2 ... at least now when I am utterly bombarded with dizzy chaos I can pop on & type out what's happening to me & what is going on in my mind and keep my friends knowing I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. ;-) Dizzy


I started logging in February of 2001. Anathea inspired me, I liked the way I could just visit her log and see what she was up too. And I wanted to do the same for all the people in my life I don't get to talk to very often. Now that I have started logging it has been a stress reliever/therapy for me. Not to mention all the nice people I have meet since I have been in the Internet log scene. ; ) (Big bonus!) Erica


I began blogging in May 2001 out of a desire to grow more in touch with who I am and perhaps show others that some of us out here are really trying to do the right thing in our lives. Though it's still new to me, I have already learned many things about myself and have met some incredible people along the way. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner. Keith


At first, I have to confess, I did it because I found blogs and I thought they were cool so I decided to give it a try. Then I discovered that it was very therapeutic for me because I have to deal with chronic diseases and blogging gave me the chance to let out all the frustration and sadness my health situations cause me, but at the same time it's a way to learn more for I try to be informed before posting anything. In many ways, my weblog has changed the way I look at the internet and I like that it has given me the opportunity to meet people with the same thoughts and background I have... People that share their lives everyday and that give themselves away in a very cool and sincere way... a weblog. Beatriz


Stress, baby, stress! Stress motivated me to punch the living daylights out of my pillows; but, when the battering was over, the stress was still there. Without a voice of some kind, the stress never seemed to dissipate. My weblog is the voice of my stress, as well as the voice of flakier thoughts that I deem unworthy of verbal expression. Something trite and insipid happen at work and no one to listen to my carping? Blog. No date on a Friday night and no one to hear my tale of social misery? Blog. Song running endlessly through my mind and no desire to sing aloud and scare the cat? Blog. I've been actively "blogging" since August 2000 and the pillows are holding up quite nicely since I've ceased pummeling them. Carrie


As I sit here and stare at this blank email, trying to figure out what to write, it dawns on me that I am coming up on my one year mark. Over the last year my weblog/journal/blog has been a whizbang, maddening slew of different names, formats, layouts, and concepts. Behind all the changing, one thing always remained the same. Why I was doing it at all.
Honestly this is like trying to explain why I breathe. It has become so second nature to me. I have never really been the kind of person to wear my heart on my sleeve outside of this digital world, but once I log on, I have no qualms about laying it all out on my site. Having an audience helps, because then I know there just might be someone whose life I share, brighten or change by what I say.Jena


I began my Weblog (and Weblog or Blog is what it is), back in April of 2000. Frankly, I entered into this because looked like fun. I had visited some other logs at that time, only a few, and it just looked like something that would be pleasurable. There ya go. That's the ticket - I'm betting on pleasure. I even gave it a silly name, and at the time a rather silly design. I thought it was that, silly. Not in a superficial way but in a lighthearted type of way. I didn't expect to bare my soul or to write a great literary masterpiece. Frankly it was something new, it was something different and I wanted to join in the experience. In many ways it has become more. A chance for me to explore my own literary shortcomings, a chance to learn and a chance to reach out and share. I have been able to shake the hands of individuals I might never have otherwise known, I've been able to explore my own feelings more deeply at times in an attempt to convey them through the written word, and I've been able to get a glimpse into the hearts and minds of others while giving a glimpse into mine. Susan


I'm seeing a pattern here: Many of us started blogging at the urging of a friend. Nancy's World started the same way. My friend Robyn asked me - oh gosh - back about 1998, to do the odd column for her "Brainfudge" site. From there, we morphed it into a blog - Robyn did the design, put it up and said "there you go - write". And so Nancy's World - the blog - was born in September of 2000.
Writing online stems from my lifelong love of words. My blog is so many things - it's therapy, it's exercise for my brain, it's a place to flex my writing muscles. It's become a part of me - something I tend to each and every day, as others may tend to their gardens. This is "my spot", and I'm forever grateful to Robyn for guiding me here. Nancy


Why I Log? I have always tried to keep a journal but have failed because...well, I don't know why. When my friend Deb S., asked if I wanted to log, I thought about it, and decided this would be a great time to start since I am going through a major life transition. On June 9th, I am getting married after being single for 37 years....I knew that planning the wedding would be enough to log about. Add to that the fact that I work in a high school, am re-decorating a house, and also work part time in the drug and alcohol field, and you can see why I thought that writing might help. I have found that the log gives me a space to ramble about my day, voice my opinion, give updates on my life to "far-away" friends, and is an starting point for my creative writing. Keeping track of my thoughts helps me deal with the stress and joy of my life. No one may read them, and that is OK. The value in writing is to clear my head and heart of the thoughts and feelings that appear. I enjoy reading the views of my friends and also of people who I've yet to cross paths with. And maybe, my words will strike the soul of someone out there who needs it. Chris


Back in January 2001, I started a blog with thinking it would be an easy way to tell of site updates, etc. That faded out when I figured out I didn't really like blogger. Then in March, I found greymatter and downloaded it and began to create my journal template. To be quite honest, I had been reading several other journals since the beginning of the year and I thought, wow, this is really neat. Now that I have been writing in it for a while, I have found it very therapuetic...I write when I'm ticked, happy, upset, exasperated with my kids, etc. It is mostly just a fun, yet calming and soothing outlet for me. Crystal


Being one of responsibility, strong shoulders and a listening ear, I began a web journal to recapture a voice not often heard by own. Kimbley


I am a stay at home type of person, so this is also a way for me to communicate with the outside world and sometimes get a little response. My blog has turned into more than just a place to whine, bitch and share general day to day life oddities and happenings. It is a therapeutic place, contemplation and learning. I don't do a whole lot of editing in my posts before publishing, other than very obvious spelling errors, because I want it to be a picture of the moment I think and write. Sara


To express myself. To improve my writing. To chronical. To ponder life, the universe, and everything. Irritating and aggravating others is a nice bonus as well. Faith


I log to entertain myself, primarily, but I guess I'm fairly entertaining, because other people read what I write, too. I also log because I like to get up on a soapbox sometimes. I like to share links or interesting factoids or nuggets of knowledge. I like to talk to myself and let anyone else listen in, without feeling like I'm crazy. I like the idea of sending out a "message in a bottle" that may someday reach someone to whom it means something (or maybe they just get a smile). It is an ongoing expression of self and stream-of-consciousness performance with words. Or maybe it's just me babbling for my own entertainment. You never know. Bonni


I used to do my own maual type of weekly updates on my life 450 miles away from my family so everyone back home could read as proof that I was still alive because I'm awful at keeping up with long distance calling. And last summer I discovered Blogger from Zalary ( Once I set up my first blog, it very quickly became an outlet for my multifacteted and quirky personality I've always been strongly encouraged to suppress working in the corporate world. I can't tell you how much I resent having to do that and how equally hard it was for me to suppress the real me on even a semi-regular basis. Thankfully for me (and my readers) I freelance from home now. No need to hide my true self from the public any longer. :-)
I still have to venture into boardrooms to give software presentations on occasion, so if I don't blog at least one short post a day, I feel the tension start to build up. I need the release as much as I need the distraction that blogging affords me. Blogging also keeps me creative enough to think outside of the box on the days when I need to most. The nature of my work requires me to think without barriers, so even if only I post what I ate for breakfast, that gets me thinking in terms of tangents, which more often that not over the last year, has lead to some great software development ideas.Lilly White


My name is Christine, and the name of my site is BlahBlahBlog. The "other" name of the site seems to sum up pretty well why it exists - it's "To Make a Short Story Long..." and that seems to be exactly what I do. I started my first blog well over a year ago, but it has really only been the past 6 months or so where I have been journaling on a pretty steady basis. I do it to get the thoughts out of my head and into a more "tangible" form. Writing helps me think. If it helps someone else to read it, great. If one of my stories can make someone laugh or smile, wonderful. But mainly I do it for me. There have been days of stress where the best therapy in the world was typing out the thoughts in my mind, and there have been days of joy where I couldn't wait to record the news. Most importantly - it is all me, poured out for the world to see. Christine


Why do I log? For me it is an outlet. I started logging a few years ago. I find it much easier to type an entry than I do to hand-write in a journal. The words seems to flow better, the thoughts more coherent. I'm somewhat of an exhibitionist, and my online writings are a way for me to express myself. It's also great therapy for me. I do also agree with BWG...I do it because I CAN. It's something that I want to do. It's something that I *LIKE* to do. I've had a paper journal ever since I was a child, and I do still keep one for the ultra-secret entries...but online ramblings are much more my style. Lisa


I started keeping a bridal type journal on my wedsite and received a message from a reader suggesting I try a blog. Sorry, but I don't remember the girl who suggested it nor do I remember which site she recommended. Anyhow, a few weeks passed before I decided to try my hand a blogging and decided to do this the old-fashioned way of hand/html coding. Just as easy, I suppose. The real reason behind my blog is personal. I needed a personal outlet where I could dream, fear, hope, wish, rant, rave and ramble without restrictions. I share my experiences and thoughts with the www in hopes of enlightening or touching someone in a small way, even if nothing more than smile. What started out as a fun project has grown into an daily pleasure-- a very therapeutic one. Sherry


I've always kept a journal as a child. Up from elementary school to the end of high school, I've always had some sort of spiral notebook where I put my innermost thoughts and feelings. And with the discovery of blogging, I felt that it was finally time I started voicing my opinions and sharing my thoughts with the world, instead of keeping them in a shoebox tucked underneath my bed. And do I did, I created a blog. At first, I had created it just for the sole purpose of continuing my journal, just in web form. However, as more and more people read it and began to keep track of my day to day happenings, I began to write towards an audience. I still keep it personal, and it still holds the most value to myself, but I've learned to write so that people can easily relate to. There's many things in life that happen to all of us, and it's good that we're able to share such experiences through mediums such as the internet. And that's why I log. Because it's something I've always done, and it's something that people happen to enjoy reading. Yardsale


My name is Brandy, but y'all know me as MizDos. I'm never quite sure why I keep a weblog...each day I surf the logs of others who are far more interesting and appealing. I think it's mostly because I like to talk, and usually the only one ready and available to listen is my 'puter. I love being part of this "community"--checking up on folks, and seeing all your comments here. I love getting emails from people I've never met, and peeking in on your lives through your weblogs. I think that's my motivation to keep a blog: to connect with the coolest people on earth. All the best folk are WebFolk. Brandy


Putting words down on paper is my favorite thing to do in the whole wide world, but never being one to finish what I started, I have found myself, years of dabbling later, the proud owner of a trunk full of disjointed, months-apart unfinished entry diaries, from the marker & sticker embellished "he's so cute" variety to the hot pink hardback with a combination lock that got me through my parents' divorce to the more venomous, angsty college ruled spiral notebooks of my high school years. So to make myself keep at it, I've put my diary out there for all to read, starting late April/early May this year. So what's my writing like now? Well, since it's online, it's there. More than once or twice a month. It's a combination of all of the above plus a little of that pseudo-intellectual hunger inevitable in the diary of a wide-eyed college student. But it's more about what goes on in my head than what goes on in my life, because the pen is not only mightier than the sword, but busier, too. Rachel


Ahhhh... The eternal question. Why do I blog? Well because at first I had something to say... Things to get off my chest... Mostly rantings and ravings about stuff that bugged me... My first journal entries (long since gone from the web) were FULL of attitude... Hence the name of my site, Shades Of Attitude... Then someone from a much larger site contacted me and wanted me to blog on his website, Jokeserver. (ALL of my previous blogging, about a years worth are with him, but, he has me temporarily offline while he does some rearranging so I have gone and found me a new home! ) I loved it and found that having an outlet to talk about whatever, daily mess, my wedding, just anything that came to mind, made my life so much easier to deal with...And if folks enjoy reading about a 30 something Southern Belle from North Carolina then so much the better! I was offline for awhile but am back and raring to go soooo: Why do I blog? I wish I had some noble reason ie. To explore the boundaries of the web; To share my deepest darkest secrets; To help mankind... But I don't. Why do I blog? Like bwg said... Cause I can! Liz


Hi. My name is Sarah, though I have gone by ZuKeeper, or ZK, for so long now I am beginning to believe that's my name. My Blog is If I Go Crazy... I only recently began to log, but I've had a web page for years. I accidentally stumbled into a log and found that I really liked the style and idea of the whole thing. After reading for a while, I decided to try my own. I journal because I just needed a way to get thoughts out of my head, to babble about my day, to someone other than my husband. It is a place that saves what is left of my sanity, and maybe even my marriage, lol. I can rant and ramble all I want, step up on to my soapbox and spout off, and if you don't want to "listen" you can close the page. It's great. ZK


I started my blog for no reason whatsoever. I read an article in Yahoo Internet Life, and thought, well, I can type, so why can't I have a weblog? Now I log because I'm really weird, and I can think. When those two combine, it causes strange effects. Since April 27th, I started logging, and expressed anger, and happiness, and sometimes, a blend, knowing that nobody could be reading, or somebody could be reading. I liked that idea, and found that, yeah, I can tell what I think about pop culture, and politics, and what's wrong with the people around me. It's really a great form of expression, and you get an global audience to stare at you on your soapbox. I never could keep an actual journal, it seemed like a waste of time, but now, I have a weblog, so I finally have a reason to live. That and salt and vinegar chips, but that's another story. Freedexter?? ;)


Why I log. It all started in August of 2000. Since then my log has been through many different transformations. Some good and some I would rather forget about. I have always enjoyed the fact that I could reach people and connect with them on a different level. I log for myself. Somewhere along my journey I have found my true voice. Be it through my journal, log, writings etc. I log for others. The people I have met along my journey have given me the strength and encouragement to keep going on. The friends that I have made will always hold a place in my heart. Jessica


I blog and therefore I am. I love sharing. I had, when working, an ability to anthologtize (published some 7 anthos) and now I can do this giving and picking on-line, though it took some help from bloggers to show me how. I "run" name says it all. And for non-Bush stuff: something for everyone and anyone at this site. be brave. Fred


I have my friend *Deb* of Sometimes I... to thank for blogging. She started hers, and after reading it for a few weeks I thought, I wanna do that too. I mostly use blogging to let my friends know what's going on in my life, or to sometimes express my um, rather strong opinions on issues that are very important to me. And sitting down every evening when I get home from work helps me to relax and unwind before I begin the "what to do for supper" grind and figure out what I need to do to get ready for the next day. Blogging is fun, therapeutic, and there's not enough time to do it. But I love it anyway. Karen


I log because I love to. I like documenting my days, my thoughts, my opinions and my feelings. I like being able to put them into words and share them with everyone else. I love the interaction the web allows. I enjoy seeing how others respond to my words. I grow each time someone reads my opinions and shows me another way to look at the same issue. I log to leave a trail. But mostly I log because it makes me happy. Karen


I log because it was the "in" thing to do. But lately, it's been a really fun activity and stress reliever. I've been able to share things such as my thoughts and views on different issues, and who i think is this or that with people who don't nesecarilly talk to me on a daily basis. It's also a good way to keep a diary since i always wanted one but never wrote in it when i bought it. I guess i really do it for fun, though! Qosa


why? I have always been enthused over the weblogs that i have come across and thus i felt that I would add my bit to this. So what would i have as a theme?? well-----Seems that i have experienced over 100 visiondreams of going to heaven and seeing the scenery in many places there!! I have had TWO WAY conversations with all of my relatives there! I could spend over an hour just telling, as a story, just one of my experiences! [some of them i have on file at click on "files" link!] Sure do put the value system of the ole physical world into Proper Perspective, it does!! So this is how i live from day to day and write day to day, comparing what i experience in the world to what i remember from these visions! i see the world in a whole New Way! Freestone


I started my web log/journal November 3, 2000. I wanted a place where I could express myself my thoughts, my opinions and the like. I wanted somewhere I could come and talk whether no one listens or not. I could ramble on and on.... I like to write and this is my place I can do it. I can share my happiness and my sorrows. I can help others maybe though my experiences I write about..... Its nice to be able to look back on my life and read about it if I want too. Maybe learn about who I am and want to be....... I do it for a stress relief.Tina


I started a web log/journal/blog in February 2001. One of the main reasons I started it is that we are a military family and home for us is in many different places. Our friends and family can visit the blog and see what we are up to and what we have done in the recent past. It's also wonderful for when my hubby is deployed for weeks or months at a time. I like being able to "relive my life" by going through the archives. It's amazing all the things that I write down and can actually have the same feelings about months and months later. My family can read the past and see the same things...truly amazing as a tool. The times we live in are high-tech and it's wonderful to be able to use the technology as a tool. :) Sara


I have been surfing the internet for ages, but I discovered the joy of making webpages only recently, in November 2000. I started out with the usual poor design that many geocities pages have and now I'm working my way slowly upwards. I saw a link to blogger at Fullmoongraphics one day. I checked it out, an I wanted to have a blog immediately. I have a paper journal, and various little notebooks where I jot my thoughts down. Writing for me is a necessity. I wanted to create a different journal on the internet. I don't keep to any partiular style or topic. One day I might write about world politics, the next day about why I like tomatoes. In my blog I show all of my faces in one place. I have quite a few faces. Maybe I just want someone to see them all.Susanna


I started my weblog at June 15, 2001. I've already has a Swedish online journal but felt the need to have an english one as well;) It has helped me tremendously to write an online journal.. it's like looking at your self and your life from outside... and having other people that really don't know you comment about things in your life in a more impartial way... I'm just hooked! ;) It's so liberating to be able to write down daily things... etc.. Åse


I stumbled across Elise's log some time ago, and became hooked. Shortly thereafter, an online friend referred to my regular and verbose email to him as "blithering." I was somewhat hurt and decided I would create a web log and write to myself. I also thought it would be a fun place to play with html. Oddly enough, I have left it rather boring and gray, which appeals to me for some reason. I also suppose it is somewhat of a "Kilroy was here" gesture and the few friends that DO read it, seem to enjoy it. Laurie


I began my first blog in February of 2000 as a way to update my friends and family at home in Kansas City on my life in Seattle. I soon discovered that there was an actual community of webloggers out there, began reading other blogs, and I was hooked. Finally, there was something more than the static "personal homepage". Blogging allowed people to make their pages as flowing and ever changing as their lives, and brought a sense of community back to the internet, which is becoming ever more impersonal and commercial. I have always written, and even if my refer stats came up empty everyday I would still blog. I use my blog as an all-purpose, interactive notebook, with everything from silly little lists to gratuitous links, to full blown emotional rantings and ravings, with enough space left for others to respond and share their own views. When I post an entry and hit the "publish" button, I am, in effect, setting my words free, viewable to whomever happens to stumble along. It allows me a freedom I do not have elsewhere to express myself publicly, and has brought many wonderful people into my life that I otherwise would never have known. It is a mirror I use to view myself, a reflection I share with others.Christine


forward march -- i remember a couple of years back scanning a list of random aol instant messenger screen names i'd called up on the service. i chose to view carrie's user info, and it was there that i found a link to her website and, eventually, the first "blog" that i'd ever seen. she didn't have one at that time. ridiculously, it wasn't until nearly a year or so later that i visited her again, was treated to a new incarnation of her site (this time with blog), saw a totem poll of link buttons running down one side of her page, decided to click on one just for the heck of it, and suddenly discovered a whole new side (the soul) of the web. i couldn't get enough. now, this was truly a beautiful thing. bloggers possess and give me that which i subscribe to the internet for -- what it's really really good for. connection. a community of people expressing themselves (in words, and design), and linking the things they find amusing, silly, wonderful, sad, you name it...everything. i've always loved to write, especially during bursts of inspiration. this provides an outlet for that. it's a wonderful hobby for an internet junkie like myself. i love it. if no one else looks at my page, I look at my page, Ienjoy putting it together, and that's all that really matters. However, it's nice to see that others actually care to peek in on my thoughts from time to time as well. that is all. Matt


Why do I log? Because it gives me an outlet for the random thoughts running through my brain. Because it gives friends and family a way to keep up with what I'm doing at times. Because sometimes I have nothing better to do with my late night free time. :) I started in Oct. 2000 several weeks (months?) after Qosa asked me the burning question "Do you blog?" My first reaction was "Huh?" Once she explained things to this poor confused blonde, my curiousity took over...even if it did take me a little while to go from "maybe..." to "oh, why the heck not!" So there you have it. Again...why do I log? Because, as some others said, I can. Jo


I started logging as a requirement for a web design class several years ago. This first log was to serve the purpose of keeping track of my progress made on class projects. Everyone in the class was to keep a log, and we were to make entries at least once a week. The only audience was the instructor, and the other members of the class, we were a small community. Before too long, I noticed that my log was becoming the source of a sort of therapy. I started to chronicle events in my life outside the class. I would vent frustrations and sing about successes. Finally in 2000, I took the leap in making my blog more public. Now that I have graduated, I probably have fewer readers than when I was still in school. The therapy is still effective though. Tracy


Blogging is a weird thing. At some level it goes completely against my fears of privacy and security and at a different level it has become somewhat addictive. I guess the inklings of becoming a blogger probably started when I put up my original home page (what I now call vanity pages) and began posting weekly updates on what's new on the page; but I never got completely hooked until recently I think it was around mid-july 2000 when I really go into it. But why? I'm not an extroverted person by any means, so why would I get so addicted to blogging? Why wouldn't the fears of security and privacy take precedence over the urge to share information over a public medium?
To a large extent I, and possibly several other bloggers as well, treat this as a vent, a release, something to let the pressure out lest it muster inside to the point of causing a devastating explosion. Especially, when you're not sharing the stuff inside your heard with another person - and that could be for multiple reasons, either you don't have anyone you can share it with (an s.o.), or you're not comfortable sharing it with the people who you know would care (family and friends), or you're just afraid of only a few people knowing what you think. In either case, and possibly in several others, blogging becomes the substitute and a damn good one at that.
My fears of privacy and security still come up every once in a while and possibly taint my entries somewhat, however, for the most part there is a security in public anonymity, as I have described it earlier. The web becomes the audience. An audience you do not know and so cannot for the most part fear. What you write is public.. available to everyone... so there are no secrets and if there are no secrets there is less to worry about. It's an open book. What I write in my blog is an open book. If you care enough to read it, more power to you.
The reason I started blogging was because I just had to (and still have to...) get things out of my system. The biggest thing being my immense frustration with irrationality, followed closely by my need to widen my circle of friends which, as I realized a bit too late, had dwindled into a null set during the time I was going out with my now ex-girlfriend. So there was a void I needed to fill and blogging filled it for me. It gave me an outlet and has also helped me to get closer with some of my existing friends since even though we may not discuss what I write about on my site now know me better than they did... to be a social recluse who often thinks too much ;-)
The one other thing I hoped to achieve by blogging was to come across people who have a head on their shoulders. I've found that most people who blog seriously (about more than just this is what I did today) are generally all highly intelligent, well read and mature individuals. Similarly, my site is really targeted towards people who think and those who like to think. To drive the point home by use of an exaggeration: Stupid people annoy me and since I can't find enough people with adequate clue in real life, the Net is the medium that may help me establish contact with people who may have learnt to make use of their ability to think. Sneaker (Manu)